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JJ Tate – Janoris Jenkins

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Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Flagler Animal Hospital in Flagler Beach! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets! Please call us at (386) 439-1606 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!

Flagler Animal Hospital Staff

JJ Tate – Janoris Jenkins
Janoris Jenkins first found his way to Dr. Tate’s home a few years ago during Gator football season. He didn’t realize then what a lucky cat he was; he just played the lottery and won the big one!
JJ was at first confused about his role here at the hospital. He really wasn’t sure where he was suppose to go or what he was suppose to do. With the help of Ms. Kitty Purrington, JJ soon learned that he was a welcomed part of the support staff.

JJ has earned his coveted FC credentials by joining the 1 o’clock lunch crew. He has taken a liking to Boar’s Head turkey, which Ms. Purrington and Auntie Sheila purchase for him on a regular basis.

JJ also has a special interest in wildlife, especially lizards. He’s been known to sit at the window in the business office and stare out for what seems like hours at the lizards who enjoy taunting him. As his trance begins, he will wildly twitch his tail back and forth and chatter his teeth. We don’t disturb him; this is “his time.”

Occasionally, he will walk across Sharon’s desk stepping on her phone’s buttons and erroneously dial Dr. Tate.

JJ also enjoys jumping in cardboard boxes. His favorite time of the day is 10:30 when the UPS shipment arrives. Kathleen hardly has time to unload the inventory shipments before JJ jumps in a box. He has been known to hide in a box and pounce out at an unsuspecting passerby!

One of his favorite past times is lying across Sharon’s keyboard as she is trying to do her computer reminder projects at her desk.

JJ’s misses his special friend, Stanley. They had a very unique bond. Stanley has moved to Connecticut with his human.

Lately, JJ has been a life saver – literally. He earns his keep in the hospital by being a blood donor for sick feline patients.

Yes, JJ can be a little pill. Mostly, he enjoys just lounging in the hallways making all who walk past step over him to get by. At times you can almost hear him do a little kitty snicker!


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